Best Animation Techniques To Boost Interaction [Gifographic]

//Best Animation Techniques To Boost Interaction [Gifographic]

Best Animation Techniques To Boost Interaction [Gifographic]

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Animation is magical. It gives life and energy to computer graphics or any object. The primary idea behind using animation is to playback the already recorded images at a very fast rate.

There are different areas where animation is used like entertainment, training, education and others.

Today, animation has become an important part of our lives, especially as people are more closely engaged with their tech devices. But with time, technology in animation is also growing, and paving the way for innovative ways of interaction.

Computer Animation

When motion is created through a computer, it is referred to as computer animation. It has four features:

  • The illusion of movement is created by showcasing a series of individual states
  • It is getting popular as new way of advertising, and used to create special effects in films
  • Computer animation has given rise to multimedia, virtual reality, and interactive gaming
  • Every year, new innovative techniques are launched

Computer animation is further classified into four techniques:

  1. Interactive Animation – In this, animation is created through a computer program in real time in response to user behavior.
  2. Real Time Animation – Quite similar to interactive animation, the real time animation technique involves the creation of animation in a more realistic environment, like in multi-user gaming.
  3. Performance Animation – In performance animation, a specific device is used to record motion for each frame. Then an image is generated by a computer with the help of this information. In other words, it is known as digital puppetry in which 2D or 3D objects are rendered in a virtual environment. It is commonly used in television productions, film making, live theater, and interactive theme parks.
  4. Keyframe – In this, every frame in an animation is modified by the creator. Used by artists to have great control over animation, this works as an alternative to performance animation and resembles creating traditional animation.

Motion Capture

Motion capture is a new method which is widely used by athletes and doctors. While athletes use it to analyze specific body movements in a smooth manner. Doctors can easily track how much a patient has recovered after an operation.

Real people’s movements are captured and used as animation. It gives a real time experience, and is really cost-effective.

Inverse Kinematics – This process of inverse kinematics is all about connecting game characters with the outside world. They are crucial to game programming, and 3D animation.    

How Does Animation Improve User Experience?

Here are a few key things that will give you a brief understanding about this:

  • Animation enhances user experiences through interactive design
  • Involves a person’s attitude, emotions, and behavior on using any service, product, or anything
  • Interactive design shapes digital things for people’s use for a great experience

Want to know some more about this in a little more detail? Here is a gifographic by Wyzowl:


Animation Techniques - Gifographics

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