4Ps of Marketing [Free Infographic Template]

//4Ps of Marketing [Free Infographic Template]

4Ps of Marketing [Free Infographic Template]

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Infographics can help understand even the most complicated and confusing concepts better, if you do it right. If you are planning to create a marketing infographic in easy steps, this free PSD template simplifies the task for you, and allows you to download it and edit and customize the free infographic template for marketing as per the requirement.

Features of Infographic Template

We have used two colors in the infographic template to keep it simple yet catchy. It explains the four Ps of marketing in four distinct sections, using suitable texts, icons and shapes in the most fitting places.

This infographic PSD template, can be used by anyone for any commercial purposes. Download the PSD and create your own infographic quickly with this gifographics.co free marketing infographic template.

Free infographic template for marketing - 4ps of marketing Gifographics



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