Best Animation Techniques To Boost Interaction [Gifographic]

Animation is magical. It gives life and energy to computer graphics or any object. The primary idea behind using animation is to playback the already recorded images at a very fast rate. There are different areas where animation is used like entertainment, training, education and others. Today, animation has become an important part of our lives, especially as people are more closely

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7 Influencer Marketing Insights You Need to Know Today [Animated Infographic]

In the world of digital marketing, the benefits of influencer marketing are hard to ignore. Today, many small and medium-sized businesses have already realized the power of influencers, and are taking advantage of this growing marketing channel. The landscape of influencer marketing, however, is constantly evolving. Prepare yourself for the changes, and learn how to effectively incorporate influencers into your

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5 Dangerous Myths About Influencer Marketing – Busted [Animated Infographic]

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends in digital marketing today. The cat is out of the bag about the amazing impact it can have on brand reputation, traffic, and sales. This year, even more businesses are trying to capitalize on its power. Are you one of them? To achieve the best results from influencer marketing, you need to

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How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings [Animated Infographics]

As you probably already know, social media marketing can be a great way to promote your brand and drive sales. But did you know that social platforms like Facebook and Twitter also affect your search engine rankings? Ranking better in search results can help boost your brand’s reputation, and increase sales. But the question is - how can you improve your search rank? One

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Google’s Biggest Search Engine Algorithm Updates Of 2016 [Gifographics]

It is well-known that Google makes changes to its search algorithm several times in a year. In fact, smart digital marketers keeps tabs on these updates in an effort to create favorable implications for themselves. Though most of the changes that Google makes are minor, it does intermittently roll out major search engine algorithm updates as well. Google Panda, Penguin

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All About Gifographics – The King Of Infographics [Animated Infographic]

Gifographics are becoming one of the hottest ways to communicate information in the world of digital marketing. They are an innovative form of sharing content, and feature a mix of GIFs and infographics. GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are funny, moving pieces of content with a looping video. Infographics include text, numbers, and images to explain a concept, or data in an

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Cheetahs – The Fastest Land Mammals [Gifographic]

Cheetahs are built for speed. They have long, slender bodies; and small, aerodynamic heads and ears. With their spotted coats, long tails, and distinctive “tear stripes” that stretch from the corner of their eyes to the side of their noses, cheetahs are easy to recognize. A full grown adult cheetah weighs between 100 and 149 pounds, with body length of

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3 Trends Depicting the Future of Infographics [Gifographics]

As a marketer, your content strategy is very important. Blogs, articles, social media posts, slide presentations, etc. There are so many ways to market your content. But in the last few years, infographics have caught the attention of online marketers and media professionals. They feature a combination of text, design, and images to convert complex data into an easy-to-read piece of

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The Growth Hacking Model for E-Marketers [Animated Infographic]

As a digital marketer, your aim is to add more customers to your database, and earn revenue without spending too much. Right? Well, all this requires quite a lot of hard work, and involves growth hacking to conduct experiments until you get the desired results. Before trying growth hacking techniques, you must analyze two things - your objective and personas.

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The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers [GIFOGRAPHIC]

Business owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to drive more sales and engagement. This isn’t an easy task, but there are several options you could consider. For instance, marketing with the help of micro-influencers is an effective method of driving engagement and conversions. In addition to this, micro-influencers can help you achieve many of your performance goals. Tips

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