7 Influencer Marketing Insights You Need to Know Today [Animated Infographic]

//7 Influencer Marketing Insights You Need to Know Today [Animated Infographic]

7 Influencer Marketing Insights You Need to Know Today [Animated Infographic]

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In the world of digital marketing, the benefits of influencer marketing are hard to ignore. Today, many small and medium-sized businesses have already realized the power of influencers, and are taking advantage of this growing marketing channel.

The landscape of influencer marketing, however, is constantly evolving. Prepare yourself for the changes, and learn how to effectively incorporate influencers into your digital marketing strategy with the actionable influencer marketing insights below.

#1. Influencer marketing isn’t restricted to YouTube

You can use this strategy on other social media channels as well, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Lord and Taylor, for example, partnered with around 50 Instagrammers to promote one of their dresses. By the next weekend, the dress was completely sold out.

#2. Developments in technology can work wonders

Today, there are multiple influencer marketing tools and platforms that can improve your efforts. Influencer tools like BuzzSumo, Traackr, and Followerwonk work as research machines to help you find top influencers relevant to your brand. And you can use influencer platforms like IZEA, TRIBE, and Influencers Club to connect with influencers.

#3. Influencer marketing is more powerful than traditional advertising

More than half of internet users don’t trust banner ads, and approximately one-third of all users find display ads to be, “completely intolerable.” These stats, combined with the increasing use of ad blocking technology have made influencer marketing more impactful, and effective than traditional banner ads.

#4. Monetary compensation is important 

Influencers deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Pay them for the time and effort they put in to create content to showcase your products, and promote your brand. There are many different options for influencer compensation, from flat fees per post, to a percentage of the sales they generate.

#5. Influencers are not journalists, so stop treating them like they are 

Journalists are paid by the media companies they work for. They may be paid an hourly rate, per word, or per event. Influencers, on the other hand, earn a living through their blogs, or by selling products. So stop treating them like journalist. Pay them appropriately for their work.

#6. Work with relevant niche influencers for maximum effectiveness

Gone are the times when a brand’s value was celebrity-dependent. Today, influencers are the new celebrities, and they are experts in their respective niches. Reach your target audience, and maximize the effectiveness of your influencer marketing campaign by working with influencers from a relevant niche.

#7. Set a goal for your campaign

Initially, the role of influencer marketing was to create brand awareness. But now, brands use this powerful marketing channel to help them achieve a variety of goals, including increased traffic, leads, and revenue. Before you launch your influencer marketing campaign, set a clear, measurable goal.

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