How to Choose the Best Explainer Video Production Company [Infographic]

Explainer videos are the latest trend for marketing a company or its products. There are many production companies that produce explainer videos. But with so many organizations offering the same services, it can be difficult to choose the best. There are many factors that you need to consider when seeking a company for creating an explainer video. This article contains

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E-commerce Industry Consumer Data 2017 Infographic

Benefits of Customer Data in E-Commerce As a retailer, you stand to learn a new thing that will assist you to serve your customers better each time you interact with them. You will discover better ways of serving each customer to enhance the level of satisfaction and improve the profitability of your store. The entrepreneur continues to learn customer behavior

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Magento Versions – Ten Years Of Ecommerce Excellence [Infographic]

There are plenty of content management systems (both paid and free) that offer more or less a similar set of services. However, no platform has been able to be as good fit for the requirements of e-commerce stores as Magento versions. The open-source platform has taken the world by storm since its inception. The first beta version of Magento was launched in

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The Ultimate Off Page SEO Factors Guide [Infographic]

SEO, or search engine optimization, encompasses all strategies for getting ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ traffic to a website via search engines. The traffic, which pours onto your website after off page SEO, is highly relevant, and better for your sales funnel. Contrary to popular myth, SEO is very much alive and kicking on the interwebs and is not going to stop

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The Ultimate On Page SEO Factors Guide [Infographic]

"How to rank a website on Google?" A question with no proper answer. Or perhaps your question is, "How to rank a new website on Google fast?” The second question builds hope; at least we agree it takes the time to rank a new website. Without mincing words, let’s check out the on page SEO factors that can help rank

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The Shark Tank Formula for Startup Success [Infographic]

ABC’s popular show Shark Tank follows young entrepreneurs with unique business ideas trying to pitch investors to put money into their businesses. The Shark Tank Formula for startup success has been devised for the aspiring entrepreneurs to make a mark in the ever challenging business arena. The ground rules established in the formula will enable the startup businesses to survive

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Local SEO To Rank Your Local Business [Infographic]

Potential customers near you can’t find you on the internet? Maybe that’s because you haven’t done enough to rank your website on the local search pages. If you are a local business owner struggling to rank locally, the Local SEO Guide below can help. Before you jump into the tips and strategies in the guide, it's important that you understand

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Is Influencer Marketing the Future of Marketing? [Infographic]

Did you know that influencer content can increase purchase intent 5.2 times? And according to a Twitter and Annalect study, 49% of people trust influencer recommendations when making their purchase decisions. This is almost as much as the 56% who say they trust friends for purchase recommendations. Based on these stats, it’s easy to see why influencer marketing has become

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9 Home Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid [Infographic]

Whether you are buying a house for the first time or if you have been doing it since long, you might not have realized certain things that can impact your home buying decision. And, this is where most of you end up spending on a wrong house and regret later. Although, buying a property is not an easy task and

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30 Proven Ideas to Increase Ecommerce Conversions [Infographic]

Struggling to drive sales on your website? Maybe it’s because your website is too difficult to navigate. Or maybe there isn’t enough social proof to win the trust of consumers. Whatever the case may be, a simple website redesign could be just what you need to boost your conversions. But first, you need to figure out what’s causing your low

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