Safety Hazards and Risks Related to Construction Site Work – [Gifographic]

//Safety Hazards and Risks Related to Construction Site Work – [Gifographic]

Safety Hazards and Risks Related to Construction Site Work – [Gifographic]

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The construction industry is one of the most accident prone sectors in which workers are at constant risk. Although the health and safety hazards related to the construction industry are not unknown to people, accidents still happen due to lack of awareness and necessary precautions.  

However, despite being a cause of concern, accidents still occur because of the continually changing work environment. A number of employers still downplay the need to apply safety measures for their employees working at construction sites.

Let’s find out the main causes of such accidents.

Accidents by Electrocution

The rate of electrical incidents is pretty high since construction work involves high voltages of electricity. Coming in contact with the power source, or improper handling of equipment and extension cords often gets the workers electrocuted.

Accidents Due to Trenching and Excavation

Trenching and excavation can lead to several risky situations, like asphyxiation, or hazards resulting from toxic fumes. There can also be some unexpected events, like sudden contact with underground lines and pipes, which can be dangerous.

Contact with Heavy Equipment

Accidents can happen due to careless handling of heavy equipment. This can be during moving vehicles, or lifting heavy loads. Often all such activities are carried out on uneven terrains.

Accidents Due to Slip and Falls

Constructions workers have to constantly work within precarious settings, like on different levels of buildings that are under construction, and other such conditions. The sites themselves are covered with a mish-mash of things like holes, equipment, stored materials, etc. These increase the chances of tripping or falling.

Hazards Due to Loud Noise

Constructions sites are always filled with loud and disturbing noises from the running machines and the ongoing work. This can cause severe hearing problems for the worker. Additionally, the loud noises are likely to cause distractions, which may result in serious accidents.

Collapses Can Severely Injure People

There remains a possibility of trenches and excavations collapsing, burying and severely injuring the workers. There have indeed been a large number accidents at construction sites due to such collapses.

There are many other common health hazards related to construction sites, like respiratory problems, and hand arm vibration syndrome. However, a study by the American Society of Safety Engineers found that it is possible to reduce such accidents and hazards by 50% through the adoption of comprehensive safety measures.

If you want to learn more about the safety hazards and risks related to construction site work, check out the gifographic shared by Fair Marketing.

Construction Hazards and Safety -

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