5 Ways To Ensure Customer Satisfaction On Social Media

//5 Ways To Ensure Customer Satisfaction On Social Media

5 Ways To Ensure Customer Satisfaction On Social Media

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Customer care is vital to any every business’s success as it marks as a bridge that connects a business to its customers. A business with a great customer service equates to happy clients who convert into loyal clients.

Social media’s plays a key role in many companies as everything is going digital. Aside from the millions of marketing and advertising campaigns, businesses have been seen to adopt social media as an avenue of offering customer service to their clients.

These are just five of the many ways to ensure customer satisfaction on social media from Website Builder reviews:

Use Social media as a channel for customer support.

This is not rocket science, with emerging digital trends and everything becoming more simplified, why stress your customers with long support emails and long call waiting time on the company line? It is only wise to offer customer service through your social-media pages as most people are constantly on these social pages on their mobile phones.90% of social-media users have used social-media to communicate to a company. About 34.5% of customers prefer social-media to any other channel. Also, about 63% of customers expect a company to offer customer service through its social media pages.

Use social media to engage with customers.

Understanding what your client needs are important, companies that use a Q&A to collect data from their customers are more aware of the areas they may need to improve. A small survey can be given to clients highlighting some sensitive areas that may help you discover the loopholes.

Not all customers will voluntarily give feedback without being asked, with only an estimated 39% average out of the possible 100% actively giving feedback.

Ensuring quick response

That is why it is called social-media, up to date and current, not like the old post mail.

Customers tend to come back when their Inquiries are answered in good time. It makes the business seem reliable. 31% of customers tend to turn to social-media to make pre-sale inquiries, so if you sleep on a query you may lose out on some good money. Another advantage is that more people tend to recommend a company when they get a response.

Use social media as an Information hub for your customers

Using social-media to make your customer aware has been proven to be more successful than any other means. Many people go online to pass time, so using social media to share product or brand information that may assist the customer to understand the product/service better is necessary. 70% of people have reported that they’re likely to use a product when the brand reaches out on social media.

Another way of creating awareness is by alerting customers in the event of promotions, offers and deals, everyone enjoys a good deal and this will keep customers following your social pages to get the information first hand.

Use Social media to solve complaints

Social media is an effective medium for collecting complaints as more customers turn to social media to air their frustrations with a company. Over the years, complaints through social media have increased by 8 times. Customer advocacy also increases by 25% with 65% of customers being more loyal to a brand when they reach out to social media.

These are just some of the simple ways you can spice up your use of social-media to ensure you are building a good relationship with customers and keep them coming back.


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