The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking [Gifographic]

//The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking [Gifographic]

The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking [Gifographic]

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Growth hacking involves experimentations across different areas of business to focus on growing the business rapidly. The main goal of growth hackers is growth. They do not care much about the budgets, the strategy, the expenses – all they care about is growth.

How do you go about growth hacking? We shall discuss it here.

1. Work on having an innovative business model

You need to work on your business in a unique manner. You must have a value proposition that is unique. You must provide your customers with value that your competitors can only aspire to give. Try disrupting the processes and markets with your price.

2. Create brand awareness and build up your presence

Building up your presence and creating brand awareness is important. You can try different strategies for it. You can have online campaigns. Create content to earn quality backlinks. Use guest blogging to connect with experts and influencers.

3. Engage with your customers

You need to find different ways to connect with your customers. Be on the platforms and networks where they are. Conduct webinars for sharing your unique perspectives about the industry that benefits everyone. Use different social media channels to connect with your prospects there. Work on a good result oriented email marketing campaign.

4. Test and tweak your strategy

You need to monitor the processes you use in your growth hacking strategy. Test and compare the results of your content strategy. Use A/B testing software and heat maps to understand your customers better. Use right keywords and optimize your landing page.

The gifographic given below will help you understand all about growth hacking. Check out the below infographic that clearly explains the four essential steps of growth hacking framework.Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking

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