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Photographer Resume [Infographic Template]

Infographics have the capacity to instantly grab the attention of the readers. These are made using appealing visuals and designs so that the information it shares doesn’t appear boring. This free resume template on ‘Photographer Resume’ is a simple yet attractive creation. This is a very useful infographic template for a resume which can be used by photographers. It has

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How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine Work? [Animated Infographic]

The search has always been on to find a reliable substitute to fossil fuel. Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides a solution to the perennial problem of pollution that our planet struggles with. We need to minimize our carbon footprint and Hydrogen fuel cell technology is slowly capturing the markets. What is a fuel stack? Electricity is generated in fuel cell

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How To Look And Sound More Confident [Infographic]

Confidence is the key to success in life. Even if you are generally a confident person, there can be moments in your life when you don’t feel all that confident. When you feel insecure and less confident, you must work on appearing more confident. Looking and sounding more confident is a skill. There are some tips which if practiced can

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Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic Template]

Social media marketers often have to take care of a lot of details. There are several cheat sheets available that can help them save a few hours. This cheat sheet will help you take care of quite a few things and will help you navigate smartly through the world of social media. The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet. Planning content

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10 Food Safety Mistakes You Never Noticed [Infographic]

Your health depends on how intelligently you handle raw and cooked food. Food always should be stored and cooked safely. If you are even a little on the safety front you can end up with an upset stomach and severe case of foods poisoning. The annual cost of foods poisoning in the US is as much as $78 Billion. You

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10 Techniques to Meet That Deadline [Infographic]

We all have deadlines. We had them when we were in schools, then in colleges and then now when we sit working in offices on projects. The click-clack of the clock nearby reminds us to hurry and meet the given deadlines. Deadlines help us focus on the job. They save us from distractions. They are a necessary evil to stay

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Methods of Influencer Marketing [Infographic Template]

Traditional ways of marketing have outlived their purpose. Consumers are no more interested in the marketing communications that talk “at” them. They are more in tune with the communique that talks “to” them. They are more willing to listen to the influencers who they willingly follow on social media than to the celebrities in ads who spout scripted lines to

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The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking [Gifographic]

Growth hacking involves experimentations across different areas of business to focus on growing the business rapidly. The main goal of growth hackers is growth. They do not care much about the budgets, the strategy, the expenses - all they care about is growth. How do you go about growth hacking? We shall discuss it here. 1. Work on having an

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A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing [Infographic Template]

If you need to explain the basics of marketing to a layman, you can use this infographic. It is a beginner’s guide to marketing. Everyone connected with economic transactions of a business must have a basic understanding of marketing. It is a very neatly designed graphic and can be downloaded and used in different ways to the content to add

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10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees [Gifographic]

Research says there is a definite connection between happiness and productivity. Happy and satisfied employees are more productive. Unhappy employees bring the morale of the team down, are confused and stressed. So, how do you find out which employees of yours are unhappy? You need to be a little observant. Here we have a gifographic which talks about 10 tell-tale

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