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A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing [Infographic Template]

If you need to explain the basics of marketing to a layman, you can use this infographic. It is a beginner’s guide to marketing. Everyone connected with economic transactions of a business must have a basic understanding of marketing. It is a very neatly designed graphic and can be downloaded and used in different ways to the content to add

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10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees [Gifographic]

Research says there is a definite connection between happiness and productivity. Happy and satisfied employees are more productive. Unhappy employees bring the morale of the team down, are confused and stressed. So, how do you find out which employees of yours are unhappy? You need to be a little observant. Here we have a gifographic which talks about 10 tell-tale

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9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind [Infographic]

Our mind wanders. It wanders when it seeks a break from the routine activities we do. At other times it wanders even when we are pressed for time to finish our chores. Most of us can benefit from better concentration. In this infographic, we share tips on focusing a wandering mind. Let’s look at the 9 ways to focus a

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5 Tactics For a Better Email Marketing Strategy [Infographic Template]

Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy used by businesses for conversions. It provides a great ROI. You need to have right tactics in place for an optimized email marketing strategy. This free PSD template can be downloaded edited and used to add more impact to your post. Your readers will love it. This infographic here talks about

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Visual Communication – The Power Of The Image [Gifographic]

This may come as a surprise but it is true. Our mind is hardwired to process visual information preferentially over text. The largest component of a brain the visual cortex is responsible for this trait of ours. It processes the visual information. Therefore our eyes like to look at pictures. Our brains are able to process visual information 60,000 times

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Addiction to Smartphones: Facts and Symptoms [Infographic]

Smartphones these days feature prominently in most people’s personal and work lives. However, this pre-eminence of tech devices in the lives of most people is not necessarily having a positive impact. Many end up experiencing an information overload, resulting in an increase in anxiety and stress levels, reduced concentration, poor sleep quality and so much more. Many people on average

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Debunking 8 Common SEO Myths [Infographic]

SEO is a constantly changing, very dynamic space. Google keeps changing its algorithms so that webmasters are not able to game its systems and the search space stays fair to everyone. There are some confusing myths that have been in circulation which need our attention. We are debunking 8 of them today. Myth1: Longer the content, better the rankings Google

By | 2018-06-22T12:11:46+05:30 June 22nd, 2018|Infographic|

5 Best Social Media Channels for Marketing [Infographic Template]

Brands and businesses leverage social media marketing to achieve their marketing goals. Social media channels are the best way to promote products and services. These channels help the brands and businesses reach their customers and prospects in a much better way. But how do you decide which channels will help you with marketing in the best way possible? We suggest

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The Cost of Being the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan [Gifographic]

Harry Potter is a phenomenon. The Harry Potter franchise has made loads of money for everyone concerned. Its movie, books, dvd and toys sales have made about 15,176, 314,800 pounds in earned revenue. At about 5 billion pounds, it is the highest grossing film franchise. The infographic here puts the facts very succinctly. The world loves Harry Potter, a young

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How to Uncover the Best Time to Post on Social Media 2018 [Infographic]

Timing is key to maximize social media reach and engagement. You need to put out content when your target audience is online and is most likely to pay attention. The best time to post on each social network varies as there's no one-size-fits-all approach. This is because of the difference in when people are likely to be active on each

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