A Comprehensive Overview Of Freshwater Usage In The United States [Infographic]

Freshwater is vital to human survival. Our ancestors had the keen awareness that it was strategically advantageous to settle near rivers. This understanding drove the transition from tribes of early hunter-gatherers into civilization as we know it. Along with being a consistent source of drinkable water, rivers provide fertile land for hunting, fishing, agriculture, and transportation. After thousands of years

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Top Ways Influencers Generate Revenue [Infographic]

The dynamic world of influencers has exploded in the past few years. No longer are celebrities confined to TV screens, movies, and magazines; they have emerged from everywhere to carve out a profile in their own niche. Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the platforms of choice for most influencers, although Snapchat and Vine are also popular channels. Many influencers adopt

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Steps to End Financial Stress Now [Infographic]

When is the last time you were tossing and turning all night because of financial stress? According to a 2016 survey, 68 percent of women lose sleep over money stress, as compared to 56 percent of men. There are a number of potential reasons why men tend to rest (slightly) easier than women when it comes to finance, including the

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The Art and Science of Networking [Infographic]

Networking is all about building lasting and valuable relationships. It is not only about exchanging business cards and connecting on LinkedIn. Why is Networking important? Networking is important for several reasons. Not only for getting leads for jobs, it helps different people in different ways. Scientists can look for grants. Business leaders can understand their employees. Artists can share their

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Photographer Resume [Infographic Template]

Infographics have the capacity to instantly grab the attention of the readers. These are made using appealing visuals and designs so that the information it shares doesn’t appear boring. This free resume template on ‘Photographer Resume’ is a simple yet attractive creation. This is a very useful infographic template for a resume which can be used by photographers. It has

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How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine Work? [Animated Infographic]

The search has always been on to find a reliable substitute to fossil fuel. Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides a solution to the perennial problem of pollution that our planet struggles with. We need to minimize our carbon footprint and Hydrogen fuel cell technology is slowly capturing the markets. What is a fuel stack? Electricity is generated in fuel cell

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How To Look And Sound More Confident [Infographic]

Confidence is the key to success in life. Even if you are generally a confident person, there can be moments in your life when you don’t feel all that confident. When you feel insecure and less confident, you must work on appearing more confident. Looking and sounding more confident is a skill. There are some tips which if practiced can

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Social Media Cheat Sheet [Infographic Template]

Social media marketers often have to take care of a lot of details. There are several cheat sheets available that can help them save a few hours. This cheat sheet will help you take care of quite a few things and will help you navigate smartly through the world of social media. The Ultimate Social Media Cheat Sheet. Planning content

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10 Food Safety Mistakes You Never Noticed [Infographic]

Your health depends on how intelligently you handle raw and cooked food. Food always should be stored and cooked safely. If you are even a little on the safety front you can end up with an upset stomach and severe case of foods poisoning. The annual cost of foods poisoning in the US is as much as $78 Billion. You

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10 Techniques to Meet That Deadline [Infographic]

We all have deadlines. We had them when we were in schools, then in colleges and then now when we sit working in offices on projects. The click-clack of the clock nearby reminds us to hurry and meet the given deadlines. Deadlines help us focus on the job. They save us from distractions. They are a necessary evil to stay

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