5 Tactics For a Better Email Marketing Strategy [Infographic Template]

//5 Tactics For a Better Email Marketing Strategy [Infographic Template]

5 Tactics For a Better Email Marketing Strategy [Infographic Template]

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Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing strategy used by businesses for conversions. It provides a great ROI. You need to have right tactics in place for an optimized email marketing strategy.

This free PSD template can be downloaded edited and used to add more impact to your post. Your readers will love it. This infographic here talks about 5 tactics that businesses can use.

1. Personalize your messages: Unless people detect warmth and a personal tone in your emails which you send to them, they will not be able to connect to them. An automated, impersonal email will remain unopened and unattended. There has to be connected. People need to feel valued.

2. You need to segment your subscribers: Not everyone will be interested in your products and services in the same way. Your subscribers will all have different profiles, interests and different behavior pattern. You need to pay special attention to the ones who are really interested in your products and services for conversions. The ones who need a little more convincing can be segregated and attended to with right email messages later.

3. Send mobile-friendly emails: The whole world is on smartphones. Your email marketing strategy has to be mobile friendly. It makes no sense if you use templates or formats in emails which cannot be accessed properly through mobiles.

4. Test copy, design and buttons: Every element you put on your email should be A/B tested. Your email should be properly written, designed with right buttons. It must be optimized. It must be the best version possible. Poorly crafted emails create a negative impact.

5. Automate email campaigns when possible: This is important. You cannot be on your laptop answering every mail You need to automate your email campaigns so that your customers and prospects get into the sales funnel and get the answers they look for at the earliest.

This infographic is very informative. It has a very clear design. If you want to use it, simply download it. You can look at more infographics here.
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