9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind [Infographic]

//9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind [Infographic]

9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind [Infographic]

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Our mind wanders. It wanders when it seeks a break from the routine activities we do. At other times it wanders even when we are pressed for time to finish our chores. Most of us can benefit from better concentration. In this infographic, we share tips on focusing a wandering mind.

Let’s look at the 9 ways to focus a wandering mind discussed here.

1. Add a deliberate distraction

Research says if you add a deliberate distraction when you are working, you would be able to concentrate better. Working with instrumental music boosts concentration and helps in concentrating.

2. Allow your mind a moment to daydream

Take tiny breaks. You can daydream for a few moments. It helps you come back to the job in hand with new focus.

3. Identify and eliminate your stressors

When you are stressed, you are unable to focus. You need to somehow distance yourself from the stresses. If you can resolve the problems before starting an important project, it will work in your favor.

4. Grab a cup of coffee

Coffee with its antioxidants and caffeine helps with cognitive functions. So go for a coffee when distracted.

5. Take 1 minute to doodle

A study found that doodling helps improve focus. It helps your thoughts come together. Don’t draw anything complex.

6. Count slowly as you breathe

Buddhist meditation technique of counting breath helps calm your mind and bring back the focus.

7. Try a naam yoga hand trick

If you apply pressure to space between your second and third knuckle, you feel calm and can concentrate better.

8. Monitor your mind wandering and bring it back on task

Be aware. Know when your mind starts wandering. When you are aware, you activate the brain areas which then work on getting the focus back.

9. Try chewing gum

Chewing gum makes you more alert and improves your attention span.

Next time you’re feeling a little distracted, try out some of the discussed techniques and see if you can bring your mind back on task. This Infographic is shared by OnStride and you can check out some more tips and tricks here 9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind [Infographic].9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind

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