How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine Work? [Animated Infographic]

The search has always been on to find a reliable substitute to fossil fuel. Hydrogen fuel cell technology provides a solution to the perennial problem of pollution that our planet struggles with. We need to minimize our carbon footprint and Hydrogen fuel cell technology is slowly capturing the markets. What is a fuel stack? Electricity is generated in fuel cell

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10 Food Safety Mistakes You Never Noticed [Infographic]

Your health depends on how intelligently you handle raw and cooked food. Food always should be stored and cooked safely. If you are even a little on the safety front you can end up with an upset stomach and severe case of foods poisoning. The annual cost of foods poisoning in the US is as much as $78 Billion. You

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The Advanced Guide for Growth Hacking [Gifographic]

Growth hacking involves experimentations across different areas of business to focus on growing the business rapidly. The main goal of growth hackers is growth. They do not care much about the budgets, the strategy, the expenses - all they care about is growth. How do you go about growth hacking? We shall discuss it here. 1. Work on having an

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10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees [Gifographic]

Research says there is a definite connection between happiness and productivity. Happy and satisfied employees are more productive. Unhappy employees bring the morale of the team down, are confused and stressed. So, how do you find out which employees of yours are unhappy? You need to be a little observant. Here we have a gifographic which talks about 10 tell-tale

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Visual Communication – The Power Of The Image [Gifographic]

This may come as a surprise but it is true. Our mind is hardwired to process visual information preferentially over text. The largest component of a brain the visual cortex is responsible for this trait of ours. It processes the visual information. Therefore our eyes like to look at pictures. Our brains are able to process visual information 60,000 times

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The Cost of Being the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan [Gifographic]

Harry Potter is a phenomenon. The Harry Potter franchise has made loads of money for everyone concerned. Its movie, books, dvd and toys sales have made about 15,176, 314,800 pounds in earned revenue. At about 5 billion pounds, it is the highest grossing film franchise. The infographic here puts the facts very succinctly. The world loves Harry Potter, a young

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The Best Translation Apps for Travelers [Gifographic]

There are numerous difficulties that people face on a regular basis when traveling to a different country. For one, you have to understand the language and culture of the local population in order to communicate effectively. At least some of that worry can be alleviated by implementing translation applications into your travel activities. As luck would have it, The Word

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How To Win the Content Marketing Game [Gifographic]

Content marketing can take your business to new heights and even B2B marketers are using this tactic to boost sales and grow their businesses. But if you are a B2B marketer and a newer player in the field, you could be wondering how to go about it. The infographic below will tell you how. It compiles all the important facts

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Stop, Chop, and Roll | A Sushi Gifographic

Sushi has become so popular nowadays that it is available almost anywhere you go. From restaurants, bars, and even convenience stores, there's no escaping the sushi craze. But what is it about sushi that has made it a global food phenomenon? Originating from Japan as a street food, sushi culture has evolved as it spread worldwide. Sushi was first sold

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How to Perform CPR-Crucial Steps you Should Know [Gifographic]

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a technique for saving lives during an emergency. It is useful in situations like a heart attack or near drowned. It is basically used when a person’s heartbeat stops. It is good to know how to perform CPR as you may not know when one would get into a situation like this. This knowledge could

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