Graphic Designer Resume [Infographic Template]

//Graphic Designer Resume [Infographic Template]

Graphic Designer Resume [Infographic Template]

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Infographics are the best way to communicate your informative yet complex message to your audience. The design and visuals of an infographic can help you make your information look interesting and eye-catching.

Here is a free attractive yet straightforward infographic template on “Graphic Designer Resume.”  Aspiring (even experienced) graphic designers can use this beautiful infographic resume template. By using this infographic template, you can highlight your professional achievements effectively.

You can add your photo, birthdate, and name at the beginning of the template. There’s a separate space where graphic designers can write a few lines about themselves to get the attention of recruiters. You can also list your interesting hobbies and the number of languages you can speak fluently.

There’s also a dedicated space for graphic designers to list their previous work experience chronologically. To the left, you will see a separate space for contact details. Other than their home address, a graphic designer can also include their contact number, email, Skype address, and a link to their work portfolio.

Below the work experience space, there’s educational qualification space. A graphic designer can beautifully list their educational qualifications and academic achievements in chronological order.

The skills section in the template is crucial. It allows you to list your graphic designing skills. So, carefully make a list of your skills and add them to this section.

If you are a graphic designer and you want to create an appealing resume using this template, then click here to download this infographic.

Graphic Designer resume template


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