How To Look And Sound More Confident [Infographic]

//How To Look And Sound More Confident [Infographic]

How To Look And Sound More Confident [Infographic]

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Confidence is the key to success in life. Even if you are generally a confident person, there can be moments in your life when you don’t feel all that confident. When you feel insecure and less confident, you must work on appearing more confident. Looking and sounding more confident is a skill. There are some tips which if practiced can make you seem more confident.

1. Keep your hands visible

If you hide your hands it signals nervousness. Keeping them visible and open conveys honesty.

2. Eye contact

When you speak to a person look into his or her eyes. Shifty eyes convey that you are not comfortable in the situation and are not trustworthy.

3. Modulate your voice

Listen to the interviewers on different channels. See how they modulate their voice. Your voice should not be shrill. You must not sound overexcited. Speak every word like you mean it and that will create necessary impact.

4. Don’t mumble

Don’t eat your words. Don’t mumble. Practice speaking up while breathing from the diaphragm.  You need to pace yourself well.

5. Stay engaged

In order to appear confident you must try to be a part of the proceedings. Speak up when necessary. Put your thoughts across. Have questions for others. Listen to the answers patiently.

6. Speak slowly

Don’t rush through your sentences. When you speak slowly you will find all the words come to you on their own and you are not left searching for words.

7. Stand straight and firm

Do not appear slouchy. Your posture tells a lot about you before you do. When you stand, stand straight. Fill your lungs properly with air and this will keep the stress down.

8. Don’t use filler phrases

When you speak, try speaking complete, well-constructed sentences. Avoid filler words like “um”, “like” and “er”.

9. Stand with feet apart

Don’t keep your feet too close together. Have an open wide stand. Once your body is physically balanced well on the floor, you will feel confident and balanced on the inside too.

10. Go for firm handshakes

Limp handshakes are a no-no. If you shake hands with too strong a grip, not advisable. The handshakes should be firm.

The infographic given below talks about the points we discussed herein further details. Do go through it. Feeling confident under any circumstance is a skill. It can be learned.How To Look And Sound More Confident

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