Magento Versions – Ten Years Of Ecommerce Excellence [Infographic]

//Magento Versions – Ten Years Of Ecommerce Excellence [Infographic]

Magento Versions – Ten Years Of Ecommerce Excellence [Infographic]

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There are plenty of content management systems (both paid and free) that offer more or less a similar set of services. However, no platform has been able to be as good fit for the requirements of e-commerce stores as Magento versions. The open-source platform has taken the world by storm since its inception.
The first beta version of Magento was launched in August 2007, with the vision that this e-commerce platform would provide much more than the prevailing e-commerce platforms. The creator of Magento platform, Roy Rubin had the idea of creating an e-commerce platform that offered stability and flexibility to all e-commerce stakeholders. To date, Magento has maintained its top position because of unrivaled support and an extensive ecosystem.
It has evolved over the years, providing numerous functional and bugs fixes, enhancements and important updates. It is no surprise that Magento powers thousands of online stores since it continues to enhance the efficiency of its platform. Magento has long been in the business and has proved that it is the best fit for small stores to the e-commerce websites of world’s biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola. Here’s an illustration of how Magento has evolved over the years with its updates and version releases.
Magento Versions

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