Methods of Influencer Marketing [Infographic Template]

//Methods of Influencer Marketing [Infographic Template]

Methods of Influencer Marketing [Infographic Template]

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Traditional ways of marketing have outlived their purpose. Consumers are no more interested in the marketing communications that talk “at” them. They are more in tune with the communique that talks “to” them. They are more willing to listen to the influencers who they willingly follow on social media than to the celebrities in ads who spout scripted lines to woo consumers.

Who are these influencers? Influencers are generally experts in their chosen niche. They are opinion makers with sizable followings who are popular because of their useful and authentic posts. They care about their followers and engage with them.

There is 325% increase in Google search of the term “influencer marketing” in past one year. 67% of marketing firms are planning to increase their influencer marketing budget. These trends show that influencer marketing is here to stay.

Influencers are helping brands and businesses earn their dollars. They are working with brands to help them achieve their marketing goals. They work on the strategies refined by the marketers. The marketing goals of different brands and businesses could be anything from getting more followers, increasing the reach, building brand awareness to launching a new product and more.

More and more brands want to work with popular influencers. But the fact is, for influencer marketing to work, you need to find the right influencers. That is one challenge that most of the brands today face. The influencer you choose to work with needs to have the right kind of audience should be the right brand fit and must create content according to the brand guidelines and strategy.

The infographic free PSD template is given below talks about different methods of influencer marketing. You can download it for free, and use it. It has been designed by It can be edited and used to convey your insights about the different methods of influencer marketing.Methods of Influencer Marketing
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