Top notch ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS, you should acquire in 2019! [Infographic]

//Top notch ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS, you should acquire in 2019! [Infographic]

Top notch ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS, you should acquire in 2019! [Infographic]

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Search Engine Optimization, one of the most aspiring things that a business should acquire to stay, grow, and compete in the market. Although that’s not a trendiest way of marketing, since the origin of the internet, websites, and digital platforms, geeks moved on towards the process of web promotions, the actual term “SEO” was coined in 2007.

In the meantime of 11+ years, the way digital marketing geeks used for web promotions has completely been changed. We have witnessed several renovations in the traditional process of SEO, even mold them according to our own comfort, thought process and requirement that creates a new way always.

Why SEO for Web promotions?

According to Statista (leading data mining platform) stated that there are around 4119 million active internet users worldwide (source) and they are growing day-by-day. People used to search their queries on Google to get relevant information with an instance and having appropriate Search Engine Optimization can lead a business in their relevant industry.

SEO keeps your business alive and lead a user towards you to give you an opportunity to convert them. But the thing is you need to optimize your website appropriately and have to add essential elements first.

If we consider standards or old-age factors, then there are approx. 200 factors that are needed to be implemented to get desired visibility, but with time, these factors combined into few segments, 1. User Experience, 2. Search Experience and 3. Search Engine Optimization.

Here, we have prepared a list of “Top Notch On-page SEO factors” that are adapted by several, tested on plenty of projects, and praised by industry giants. Let’s get a closer look at them:

1. User Experience Optimization

For whom a business runs? Obviously, the end user who buys their products or services and generate revenue for them. So, in the upcoming years and for a long run success, you have to focus on it.

Even, the leading search engine – Google, solely depends on the user experience and filter their results according to that. If a user instantly reversed back from a result or ignore one, or vice versa, then Google ups or downs the ranking of those results in SERP (Search Engine Result Page), accordingly.

From URL structure to Site speed, there are numerous ways to enhance user experience. Just work on it and let your users enjoy your content.

2. Search Experience Optimization

Being a Digital Marketing geek, we work to get impressed with Google and without it there is nothing for us to commit ranks to our associate. So, that’s an essential thing to be considered in upcoming years for getting better visibility and search engine consideration.

From page structure to Dwell time optimization, there is a lot to check for the betterment of Search Engine Experience. Just renovate them and let search engines feel curious to crawl and index your site for relevant keywords.

3. Search Engine Optimization

A process that primarily works to enhance User experience as well as Search Engine Experience and help your business to get visible in front of your audience. So, don’t hesitate to implement traditional strategies along with revamped methods of web promotions.

Just get involved in it without indulging into myths and rumors and implement most trusted factors – Canonical, Image Alt, LSI Keywords, etc.

To get more details about those factors, explore: and to get more visualization, keep your eyes on the infographic-Top notch ON-PAGE SEO FACTORS, you should acquire in 2019! [Infographic]

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