Animated Guide To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile For Social Selling [Gifographic]

//Animated Guide To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile For Social Selling [Gifographic]

Animated Guide To The Perfect LinkedIn Profile For Social Selling [Gifographic]

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LinkedIn, the professional networking site, provides a platform for individuals to present an in-depth account of their career and employment achievements to potential prospects. In this era of digitalization and social marketing, drafting a standard resume alone is not going to help you stand out from the crowd. You need something more to get the attention of employers or prospects. And LinkedIn profile provides you with the means to do just that.

To get your LinkedIn profile noticed, you need to make sure your profile is fully completed with all the necessary information. It has been shown that your profile is 13 times more likely to be viewed if you include a complete list of your skills.

You also need to maintain consistency to boost traffic to your profile. Although only 40% of users are regularly active on the site, it takes 20 posts a month to be able to reach 60% of your LinkedIn audience.

How to Create a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Research shows that LinkedIn provides businesses with 80% of their social leads. Moreover, 77% of users stated that the professional networking site has been a helpful resource for researching people and companies.

If you are using LinkedIn, it is imperative to have an impressive profile, since it serves as your digital business card. Here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Select an Appropriate Profile Photo

Profiles that include pictures are 11 times more likely to be viewed, and draw in a 40% InMail response rate. So make sure to use a current professional photo of yourself for your profile picture.

2. Add a Headline and Include Content

The headline is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. Keep it short but creative, and include key terms which define your industry. Publishing content can help you be perceived as an expert, gain useful insights through analytics, and provide value to your network.

3. Include Your Professional Skills

Including your professional skills can result in more endorsements. On average, each user receives five endorsements a day.

4. Create a Value-Centred Summary

Prospects should be able to tell what you can do for them based on your summary. Think of it more like a digital business card than a resume.

5. Make Your Experience Count

List your experience according to your prospects. Include your title and position, and a few sentences about your roles and responsibilities.

A perfectly crafted profile on LinkedIn will help you connect with the right prospects. To learn more about creating the perfect LinkedIn profile for social selling, check out the gifographic below created by Sales for Life.

perfect linkedin profile for social selling - Gifographics


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