Stop, Chop, and Roll | A Sushi Gifographic

//Stop, Chop, and Roll | A Sushi Gifographic

Stop, Chop, and Roll | A Sushi Gifographic

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Sushi has become so popular nowadays that it is available almost anywhere you go. From restaurants, bars, and even convenience stores, there’s no escaping the sushi craze. But what is it about sushi that has made it a global food phenomenon?

Originating from Japan as a street food, sushi culture has evolved as it spread worldwide. Sushi was first sold on the streets of Tokyo by sushi vendors-slash-chefs who prepared it while you waited. They were then forced to move indoors and the sushi bar atmosphere was born. Here chefs entertain and give recommendations as to which is the freshest and best seasonal seafood.

Migration made it possible for sushi to be enjoyed in many parts of the world. It is at this point that many variations started appearing. Fresh raw ingredients combined with just the right amount of rice for one mouthful became a hit. This opened the gates to inventive combinations with the same formula. Diversity of available local ingredients created variety and a sushi revolution was born.

It doesn’t matter much whether you prefer the traditional or the new sushi creations. Sushi has proven that with the right combination of fresh ingredients, you are assured a good meal.

One thing is for sure, the sushi fad is here to stay. For some people, sushi has become a weekly dining choice. With more sushi creations being released, it seems that imagination and ingredients are the only limitations.

Recently ingredients like corn mayo, cheeseburger, and raw horse meat have been used to create sushi. An eating experience at a conveyor belt sushi establishment can offer many different variations. In Japan this is known as kaiten sushi.

We can all look forward to what unusual and sometimes strange variations will come out in the future. After all, when sushi was first introduced, many thought it was a weird food. But that didn’t stop them from trying it out.

Here are some of the various varieties you can choose from:

American Style

This type of sushi was developed to suit the taste preferences of Americans. Various varieties like dragon rolls, tiger rolls, and rainbow rolls exist. This is truly American sushi, and a must try for anyone who loves to experiment with their sushi, and who is looking for new variations.

Japanese Classics

Classic Japanese sushi is made from three of the most common types of fish in Japan. They are chutoro, salmon, and maguro akami. These authentic varieties of sushi that are eaten in Japan are made by the most traditional and experienced sushi chefs in the world. They are a must try for every sushi lover.

Adventurer Sushi

This type of sushi is for people who love to experiment with new tastes and varieties of sushi. There are some crazy and equally amazing varieties of sushi that are made just for the food explorer in you.

Some of those varieties are:

  1. Uni Sushi whose base ingredient is sea urchin
  2. Basashi Sushi which uses horse meat as its base ingredient
  3. Tako Sushi which has octopus as its base ingredient
  4. Shime Saba Sushi whose base ingredient is mackerel
  5. Unagi Sushi with the most surprising base ingredient as eel
  6. Amaebi Sushi uses sweet shrimp as its base ingredients

If you have ever tried sushi or not, having these amazing variations of sushi is an experience in itself and a must try for everyone. For more info, check out the gifographic below.

sushi gifographic

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    Great Article Shane. Thanks for sharing. Scientists believe it is one of the reasons why the Japanese are among the most healthy people in the world. The gifographic seems to be quite informative. 🙂

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