The Cost of Being the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan [Gifographic]

//The Cost of Being the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan [Gifographic]

The Cost of Being the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan [Gifographic]

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Harry Potter is a phenomenon. The Harry Potter franchise has made loads of money for everyone concerned. Its movie, books, dvd and toys sales have made about 15,176, 314,800 pounds in earned revenue. At about 5 billion pounds, it is the highest grossing film franchise. The infographic here puts the facts very succinctly.

The world loves Harry Potter, a young wizard, a character created by J.K. Rowling. There are a series of Harry Potter novels written by the author. The fans loved the novels, the movies based on them and the world created therein. There are several things connected with Harry Potter that are up for grabs for them.

There are life-sized Dobby display statues, hand-carved wands, Lucius Malfoy’s snake-headed walking sticks, Dumbledore masks and more.

An average Potter fan spends on paperback books, movie tickets, video games and other merchandise and it costs them about 187 pounds

For the ultimate Harry Potter fan, there is plenty of Harry Potter merchandise to take home. From collectible Harry Potter books, Harry Potter Hogwarts Board Game, Hogwarts House Crest wall art to personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter and train ticket, there are a lot of exciting items to collect.

There are thrilling Harry Potter tours – there is Warner Bros. studio tour, a four-day summer holiday tour to Orlando Studios and a four-day trip to New York to see Harry Potter: The Exhibition. Being an ultimate Harry Potter fan can be a bit costly. The costs may go upto more than 50,000 pounds but then who is complaining?

In the matters of hearts and Hogwarts you never really should look at the costs. Ultimate Harry Potter fans will agree. This infographic from MoneySupermarket spells out the costs of being a Harry Potter fan – do check it out. 

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