Visual Communication – The Power Of The Image [Gifographic]

//Visual Communication – The Power Of The Image [Gifographic]

Visual Communication – The Power Of The Image [Gifographic]

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This may come as a surprise but it is true. Our mind is hardwired to process visual information preferentially over text. The largest component of a brain the visual cortex is responsible for this trait of ours. It processes the visual information. Therefore our eyes like to look at pictures.

Our brains are able to process visual information 60,000 times faster than that present in the text format. And that is why having a rich power of the image that has the information you want to convey to your readers in your post helps. Visual information can be recalled easily and therefore creates a greater impact.

When you add visual posts or infographics to your posts you will see a rise in the rate of engagement. The right amount of images on websites helps increase the traffic. Websites that have videos containing their branding and marketing messages see their conversions increase by 86%.

If you are using images in your social media posts, you will get more likes, shares, and comments. Images can be easily shared and used. Images and videos pack in more information and are easy to consume. Users do not want to read long informative prose but can easily watch a two-minute video containing the same information which is visually enhanced. Marketers know this fact and therefore carefully packaged visual content drives their content marketing strategies.

Visual content- the power of the image is very popular. The meteoric rise of Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Imgur, Slideshare and the hundreds of memes you see online, proves this fact.

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. An infographic several hundred thousands more. The Visual Communication infographic which visually depicts the power of visual communication given below can be downloaded and used for free. So, go ahead. Use it in your posts and share it.Visual Communication - The Power Of The Image [Gifographic]

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