25 Reasons Why Infographic Is Crucial For Your Marketing Strategies

//25 Reasons Why Infographic Is Crucial For Your Marketing Strategies

25 Reasons Why Infographic Is Crucial For Your Marketing Strategies

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The success of your marketing efforts lie in their efficiency to convince your target audience to choose your company for your products or services. The times are changing, and so are marketing strategies. Infographic is crucial for your marketing strategies, Infographics and gifographics are emerging as a part of the new age marketing techniques.

It has been found that most of what the brain absorbs is visual knowledge. Rather than rows of text, simple yet interesting images can convey a message more efficiently. Thus, online marketers are increasingly resorting to gifographics and infographics to relay their business ideas to their target audiences.

Infographic cognitive load theory

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25 Reasons Why Infographics and Gifographics Should Be Used in Marketing Strategies

There are different types of online marketing techniques. Infographics are, however, considered one of the most reliable as they deliver higher returns on investments. This article discusses why they should be used in marketing strategies.

#1. Help to Achieve Goals Faster

Infographics are more straightforward and direct, and are thus capable of conveying information more efficiently. This will enable you to get across your message faster than you thought.

#2. They are Visually Appealing

People nowadays hardly have time to breathe. Reading a lengthy article about something is out of the question. Marketers need something unique, like infographics or gifographics to grab their attention. They can turn anything that is boring or monotonous into interesting pieces of information with great visual appeal. It has been shown that people tend to take more interest in content that has a visual element to it and thus infographics and gifographics are able to engage audience on a much higher level.

How to create a Good Infographic

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#3. They Can be Easily Shared

Social networks have become a major platform for any kind of marketing or social activity. Infographics and gifographics can be specifically designed for social media promotions. People prefer succinct yet valuable content, and infographics are the best way to deliver that. It has been found that according to 37% of online marketers their businesses have gained hugely from visual marketing strategies. Another 74% of online marketers prefer using visual elements in contents created for social media marketing.

#4. Create a Long Lasting Brand Awareness

The best part about infographics and gifographics is that they use illustrations instead of words to express an idea. Although, there still needs to be a few sentences on the topic, they are mostly kept at a bare minimum level. The main benefit of this is that people are able to remember the brand for a longer time since images leave a longer lasting impression in our minds. Hence, this type of internet marketing content is a great way to create brand awareness. According to a study in 2016, the effectiveness scale of infographic marketing surged from 50% to 58% in just one year.

carbon footprint of the world cup Infographic

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#5. They Have a Higher Chance of Going Viral

Since infographics are eye-catching and interesting to read, people are more likely to share them and the more they’re shared, the faster they will go viral. You will experience a surge in your website traffic within a very short time, something that is not as easy to achieve with simple text-based content.

How successful are infographic

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#6. Help Boost Traffic to Your Website

The infographic you create will have your company’s logo at the bottom. The readers who find the infographic useful will visit your website to learn more about your company and your products or services. This will result in increased traffic to your website. But for this to happen, you need to create an engrossing and meaningful infographic. A data showed that there has been an 800% increase in the number of people looking for infographic content over the past two years.

#7. They Help Improve Google Ranking

More the people share your infographic, more the number of people will know about it. And this also can result in an increase in your website traffic. The popularity of the infographic content may also help you climb up in the Google search results, and help you achieve a higher ranking for your page.

#8. They Help Reach Out to a Larger Audience

By promoting the infographic on different social media platforms, you can make sure that it reaches the maximum number of people. Also, if it contains some compelling information, and creative visuals, it will be increasingly shared from one social media channel to another by the readers. Social media is one of the most lucrative platforms for content marketing and infographics have been shown to perform well in these fields since they offer easy sharing options. Facebook is one of the friendliest social media platform for infographics.

earthworks infographic

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#9. They Simplify Complex Ideas

There is no better way than using an infographic to simplify a complex idea. Infographics use images, figures, charts, and other visual tools to engage the audience. There is also text, but it is added to the infographic in only a few lines. Images can make the understanding of any complex subject easier.

#10. They Are Excellent Tools to Draw Comparisons

Infographics can be effectively used for making comparisons. They provide the opportunity to utilize images, clip art, shapes, and figures to make the comparisons. Words alone may not be enough to explain a lot of things. Images are a must in those cases.

For example, a comparison between two different handset models of the same mobile phone company. This technique not only makes the comparisons easier to understand, but also makes the content more interesting.

#11. They Enable Brands to Progress in Difficult Industries

There are several industries out there which offer much less scope for content marketing. Infographics come handy in these cases as they help brands build links, and get a grip on the market.

For example, it is very difficult to create an article for an industry like high-frequency trading. However, infographics gets accepted very easily, and are the most suitable for such industries.

high frequency trading infographic

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#12. The Results They Deliver are Always Measurable

You will be able to understand how well your infographic is performing in the online space through the number of shares, citations, backlinks, and also the website traffic. Since the results are easy to measure, SEO companies can provide their clients with an all-inclusive ROI statement. However, calculating the results for separate visual elements can be time consuming and difficult. Analyzing tools like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Semrush etc. can measure the results.

#13. They Make Business Processes Smoother

Infographics can be used to explain internal business processes and other important information to your employees and business partners. By using the right visual expressions and straight-forward, yet catchy text, it’s possible to explain a number of the growth concepts like those of a particular business wing of the company, or the success rate of a particular advertising campaign.

#14. Infographics Hold Attention for a Longer Amount of Time

Content created with words only often fails to keep the readers engrossed. However, infographics and gifographics help keep readers engaged for a longer amount of time. This is because they use images, animated graphics, and other interesting visual tools to keep the readers absorbed till the end of the content. Also, they are not too long, and the text sections are very limited.

dark side of tanning indoor - Infographic

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#15. They Explain More with Less Words

This is one of the biggest advantages of infographics and gifographics. Images, charts, diagrams, clip art, etc. allow you to communicate more information without using too many words.

For example, if you are trying to show how popular a particular travel destination is, you can simply put the figures in a bar graph inside the infographic.

#16. They Allow You to Showcase Your Creative Side

Infographics and gifographics provide plenty of opportunities to showcase your creative side. If you are good with designs, you can make use of that talent to create something productive and utilize it for the marketing of your website. After all, marketing is all about creativity. You can also get professional designers do the task for you.

#17. Connect With Your Audience Better

Infographics allow you to establish a stronger connection with your target audience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small company or a big one. A well-made infographic that contains all the necessary facts and figures to get the reader’s attention can generate positive results for your business.

For example, you can send out infographics in the form of newsletters to your email lists in order to involve your target audience in the monthly activities of your company.

size of mobile market infographic

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#18. Use Infographic to Gather Feedback

Another way infographics can help you is by getting you feedback about your company’s products or services. This can be done by skillfully presenting the major features and points of your company and asking the audience what they like the most about it. Share this infographic on social media or attach it in emails and forward it to your email lists. You can use that feedback to improve and optimize your products or services.

#19. Infographics Help You Understand the Pulse of the Audience

You need to understand what your target audience wants to remain in this ever-changing and challenging online marketplace. It is important to know what kind of content they prefer.

An infographic a month on different social media platforms can help you gather that insight. Keep an eye on the comments section, and note people’s responses. This way you will know what works for them, and what doesn’t.

#20. Gifographics Do it Faster For You

Gifographics are a combination of GIFs and infographics, hence their name. They are a very powerful marketing tool, and have higher engagement rates.

Human eyes catch the moving or animated things faster than the still ones. Since gifographics involve motion, they have higher chances of getting noticed. The GIFs used in gifographics encourage readers to look through the entire work as they follow the movements.

#21. Gifographics Make Learning Enjoyable

Content accompanied by moving objects can make the learning experience more enjoyable. For example, suppose you need tips on how to pull off a particular dance step. It doesn’t matter how straightforwardly the words describe it, if it is accompanied by a GIF depicting the dance moves, it becomes much more interesting, and also easier to understand.

#22. Infographics Often Get Cited for Stats

If your infographic contains some valuable statistics, it is likely to get more link credits. This is true even if the stats have been sourced from somewhere else.

wiki camp infographics

Image Source: Wikimedia

#23. They are Not Always Expensive

Creating infographics and gifographics isn’t always expensive. There are many agencies out there that design outstanding infographics at reasonable rates. So you do not have to dish out extra money to get a quality infographic done. Also, you can download free templates from the internet and edit the them according to your needs and you’re good to go. However you may need to provide proper credits and citations.

#24. They are Accessible on Mobile Devices

People are always connected to each other through their mobile devices. Both infographics and gifographics easily open on mobile phones. Hence, people can check them out, and share them effortlessly, even on mobile.

#25. They Get People to Think Your Way

A well researched infographic or gifographic has the power to effectively put an idea into the reader’s mind and compel them to think over it. If you have gathered a data and reached a conclusion you may want to share it with the world. One of the easiest way to do it is by creating an infographic. Infographics are thus considered to be one of the most effective methods of persuasion.

social media stats infographic

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Both infographics and gifographics are powerful PR and marketing tools gaining traction with each passing day. Social media has contributed greatly to their immense success, since infographics are majorly shared on social media.

If you look around the web, especially on the social media, you will find numerous types of infographics. You will be surprised to find so many infographics and gifographics covering such a wide range of topics so efficiently.

However, in order to derive the optimum results, you need to make sure it possesses all the qualities of a solid infographic. Those qualities include: it shouldn’t be too long, and it should contain appropriate colors, graphics, images, and text. Also, make certain that the sources you are using are reliable. Wrong information can create a bad impression about your brand.

Once you have created the infographic, promote it as much as you can. You can promote it on social media, through influencer outreach, and many other ways.

The more you promote your infographic, the better are the chances for it to go viral. Try to make the infographics more interactive by including links and this will improve their chances of being clicked. Whether it is infographic of gifographic, all it needs is a creative mind, and good research.

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