Why is my SEO not working? And How To Test It! [Infographic]

//Why is my SEO not working? And How To Test It! [Infographic]

Why is my SEO not working? And How To Test It! [Infographic]

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“Search engine optimization doesn’t work, it’s a complete waste of time!”

Why is my SEO not working!!!

These are not the words you want to be saying, and even worse, actually believing because you have overlooked the fact that your SEO is not working because your website is set up badly.

Your keyword research methods might be top notch, your social efforts might be monumental, and your content might even blow visitors away, but if your site is set up wrong… you might be in for a nasty surprise because the worst might happen:


There are many reasons search engines will not rank your content highly in the search engine results pages. Some are a direct result of visitors voting by their actions on whether or not they like (or can actually use) your website, while others are a direct result of what is ‘under the hood’ so to speak. Is your host piling lots of bad neighborhood websites on the same server as you, for example? Is your site structured so that the search engines can visit every page easily via internal links? Can these web crawlers even identify the subject matter on your pages so that they know what kind of visitors are most suited to your site?

These are questions you should ask yourself before you even begin to build your website. But if you have passed that stage and you have not before, you should certainly ask yourself the question now!

In the infographic below, you can take a look at 10 of the most common structural design, and SEO mistakes that are made on websites. If you have a developer/designer, you should ask them if these bases are covered. And if they are not, ask them why not!

Not sure if you’re getting the answers you want?

We got you covered, there are links to places to test your site for yourself so you know the whole truth!

Why is my SEO not working And How To Test It!

Infographic courtesy by NoHatDigital.com

Test Why Your SEO Is Not Working

1stOnTheList’s SEO tips for 2020:¬†https://www.1stonthelist.ca/blog/seo-for-beginners-9-seo-tips-for-2020/

Mobile friendly test: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

Site speed test: https://gtmetrix.com/

Hosting test: https://www.pingdom.com/

Search engine optimization test: https://neilpatel.com/seo-analyzer/

Rich snippets test: https://search.google.com/test/rich-results

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