WooCommerce vs. Magento vs. Shopify – Detailed Ecommerce Platform Comparison

E-commerce businesses have been booming in recent years. When starting an online store, most people wonder which ecommerce platform to choose. Guaranteed Software's goal is to help businesses of all sizes choose the best ecommerce platform and help their business prosper. Running a successful store depends on having the right information. It is essential to know which platform is best

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How to Build a Customer Service Strategy to Drive Repeat Business

In these times of instant gratification, customer service is the buzzword for businesses. Also known as customer-centricity, it is a way of conducting business that provides patrons with a pleasant experience throughout the buyer journey. Consequently, it helps boost the brand's bottom line, improves customer loyalty, and enhances overall growth. Built around the idea of how much they can change

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Understanding Why Chatbot Adoption is Important for Businesses

Back in 2018, chatbots were going to be the next big thing. And now, in 2020, businesses are starting to make changes to adapt to the power of automation. IBM and Gartner had both predicted that by 2020, about 85% of all customer interactions will be completely automated. Why Are AI Chatbots Important? An AI chatbot can help you automate

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3 of the Best Things to Consider Before Diving Into WhatsApp for Business

If you have a business located in Europe, South America, or Southeast Asia, adopting WhatsApp for your business may seem like a no brainer. Sadly, it's more complicated than that. Why? Because WhatsApp released two different versions of WhatsApp Business: the WhatsApp Business App and a WhatsApp Business API. And they made it somewhat difficult to switch between the two.

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Why is my SEO not working? And How To Test It! [Infographic]

"Search engine optimization doesn't work, it's a complete waste of time!" "Why is my SEO not working!!!" These are not the words you want to be saying, and even worse, actually believing because you have overlooked the fact that your SEO is not working because your website is set up badly. Your keyword research methods might be top notch, your

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A Quick Guide to Using Google Search Operators for SEO

With old SEO tools and techniques no longer being effective (and even dangerous for your site to a great extent), it’s about time for SEO marketers to switch to white hat SEO techniques. And while that can be difficult, you can simplify it by learning how to use the Google search operators. Although it would be easier to learn this

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Small Business Accounting Trends To know in 2019

Accounting plays a pivotal role in business success, regardless of business type and size. And SME owners should have better or basic knowledge of accounting as it helps to pay bills, understand the financial position of the company, and a lot more. However, no business owner ever said that managing the books is easy because it involves innumerable tasks that

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Top 7 Law Firm Challenges & Their Appropriate Solutions

The legal industry is one of the most demanding sectors of the world involving a minimal scope of error. The reason being even a single mistake during the litigation process or court hearings can lead to unfavorable consequences. It not only brings down the image of lawyers and law firms but also affects their individual and business growth respectively. Law

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How to Brexit Has Impacted the GBP & the Potential Industry Effect (Infographic)

Brexit or "Britain Exit" is the UK's decision to leave the European Union. It was decided based on the UK referendum where the majority (51.9%) voted to leave the EU. Brexit has hit the news all over the world, and by now everyone has heard of it. But not many understand the importance and the implications it may cause for

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