Types of Media PSD template [Infographic Template]

//Types of Media PSD template [Infographic Template]

Types of Media PSD template [Infographic Template]

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Advertising and marketing need the right media channels to reach to the target audience. When we talk about “Media”, what exactly do we mean? What does media constitute? Let’s find out.

Media is a means of mass communication. It is a communication channel through which entertainment, news, promotional messages etc. are communicated. It includes print media, broadcast media, and internet.

Print Media

Print media includes the whole industry which is involved in printing and distribution of news through printed newspapers and magazines. It is one of the oldest forms of advertising. It reaches a large number of people and therefore is considered to be very effective. It is one of the most basic and oldest means of communication. The contribution of print media in providing information and knowledge is remarkable. Print media has played a big role in conveying news and brand messages.

Broadcast Media

Broadcast media is the best way to transmit information to a vast number of people. TV and radio are the channels that help in broadcasting news, information, educational and entertainment programs to a big number of people. People tune in to receive the broadcasts. Broadcasts are not for a specialized set of people. They are for everyone.

Internet Media

Internet media includes a big gamut of services. You can find websites, social media sites, emails and internet based radio and television. Publications, brands, and businesses have found new ways to use the internet to reach their target groups. Internet has revolutionized the publishing, marketing, and advertising landscapes. The world now is online on internet and businesses and brands have seen the value in being on the internet too.

If you want to share interesting information about the different types of media, you can download and edit this infographic given below. You can put in the information that you like in the given template and use the template. The Gifographics.co templates have been tastefully done by creative experts so that you can just start using them right away. Types of Media is an editable infographic template with bright background colors and interesting fonts. It has also used small images to accompany the text.

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