The Value of Upskilling [Gifographic]

//The Value of Upskilling [Gifographic]

The Value of Upskilling [Gifographic]

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Investing in upgrading or expanding your skills is a wise venture considering today’s job market. Companies find it attractive to hire skilled professionals knowing that they will perform well in their field.

Having the right training increases your knowledge base as an employee as well as your value to a company. Upskilling works for both the employee and the employer.

For the latter, upskilled employees ensure a competent and productive workforce. For the employee, they learn new skills that can be used to build their careers further and increase their earning potential.

Why do Workers Upskill?

Almost every industry nowadays require some form of continued training. However, for the fields of math, IT, engineering, sales, and security clearance, it is quite commonplace. What these fields have most in common is that they are always evolving. Hence the need for additional training.

The most popular reason for upskilling is to get a better chance of a promotion in their current company. This is followed by those looking to find better opportunities at another workplace.

After this, the third most popular reason is because some would like to change the field that they work in. Lastly, there are the few that do so to enter entrepreneurship.

How can I go about Upskilling?

Once you’ve decided to upskill what is important is to do your research. Meaning find the associated time and monetary costs. It’s also important to network. This helps heaps because there are people who would have undergone the same training and working with them would make for easier knowledge transfer.

Don’t forget to make a career plan to guide you on which courses you’d need to take to achieve your goal.

What are the Benefits of Upskilling?

Having invested time and money on your training, some of the benefits you can expect to reap are firstly, the potential for you to get promoted greatly increases. Second, if you do decide to change companies or jobs it will be a lot easier for you.

Third, skilled professionals have the potential to earn more. Lastly, if you are out of work, you are more likely to be more alluring to an employer when applying for a position.

Check out the gifographic below for more information about up-skilling shared by Brighton.


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