The Art and Science of Networking [Infographic]

//The Art and Science of Networking [Infographic]

The Art and Science of Networking [Infographic]

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Networking is all about building lasting and valuable relationships. It is not only about exchanging business cards and connecting on LinkedIn.

Why is Networking important?

Networking is important for several reasons. Not only for getting leads for jobs, it helps different people in different ways. Scientists can look for grants. Business leaders can understand their employees. Artists can share their work and increase their following and more.

Benefits of Networking

It provides word of mouth referrals. About 57% of jobs are filled through its referrals. It helps you be creative. It helps you connect with the mentors in your field. These are some of its professional benefits.

It adds a lot to the quality of life too. If you have a strong social network, it indicates psychological, emotional and physical wellness.  A lack of social network may result in poor physical and mental health. With great social contacts, the risk of dementia, breast cancer, and premature death goes down.

Helps you tap hidden job market

Organization leaders find new hires through the network. 51% find it through employee referrals and 42% find new hires through professional network sites. An average income of employees who were hired through referrals is also high.

Benefits, be it online or face-to-face

Online networking helps your recruiters assess you on the basis of posts. If you are on professional networking site employers can go through your profile and know about your expertise, strengths, and work experience. Face-to-face interaction is equally important.

It’s easy if you are active on social media, interact with courtesy, follow up with contacts, and focus on building a relationship.

The infographic given below discusses all networking in detail. You must go through it to know more.The Art and Science of Networking Infographic

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