Debunking 8 Common SEO Myths [Infographic]

//Debunking 8 Common SEO Myths [Infographic]

Debunking 8 Common SEO Myths [Infographic]

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SEO is a constantly changing, very dynamic space. Google keeps changing its algorithms so that webmasters are not able to game its systems and the search space stays fair to everyone. There are some confusing myths that have been in circulation which need our attention. We are debunking 8 of them today.

Myth1: Longer the content, better the rankings

Google loves quality content. If you write long fluffy articles with little substance don’t expect to see the rewards. Focusing on quality is a better strategy.

Myth 2: New links should improve your ranking, else they are bad and must be removed

There can be temporary negative movement on Google ranks after you add new links. Things then stabilize and you see better results. If you are impatient and remove new links you wouldn’t be able to get the benefits.

Myth 3:  Metrics claimed by SEO tools are correct.

Don’t blindly believe the numbers SEO tools give you. Do your own research and crosscheck with few other tools.

Myth 4: It’s necessary to submit every blog post you publish via Fetch as Google.

Fetch as Google help you to find out if there is any problem with your blog. It has nothing to do with indexing.

Myth 5: Never work on a niche with medium to high competition.

You need to find out your own competencies and skill. For that, you must compete at any niche you choose to.

Myth 6: Believing in a guaranteed #1 ranking claim.

Getting #1 rank for your website is a very tough job. Don’t believe the SEO experts who promise you that. You can get higher rank though.

Myth 7: Religiously following everything mentioned in the official webmaster central blog.

Don’t believe everything the official webmaster central blog says. Your site is unique. Experiment and judge for yourself find out what works for your site.

Myth 8: SEO is dead.

SEO done right – always works. There are however no shortcuts. People who don’t see immediate results and do not adapt to the changes feel SEO is dead.

This infographic from StructuredSeo spells out the 8 Common Myths in SEO Industry will help you understand it all in a better way.Debunking 8 Common SEO Myths [Infographic]

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