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Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. He is the Co-Founder of Attrock, a digital marketing agency. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

Benefits of Ice-cream PSD Template [Infographic Template]

Fun and colorful infographics Ice Cream psd template is interesting and attention-grabbing than even the most well-written pieces of blogs and articles. So, if you have something to say and want your audience to stay put until the end, infographics are the best way. A well-researched and engaging infographic can grab the attention of more people than mere texts. People

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5 Most Useful Learning Strategies PSD Template [Infographic Template]

Infographics are the best way to get across an idea since they use more images and fewer texts to describe it. Long articles and blogs on any given subject can get boring and the readers may lose interest mid-way. Infographics learning strategies highlight the main point and effectively conveys the idea or information without making it monotonous and boring. So

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11 Steps to Create a Data-Driven Infographic

Infographics are the catchiest and the best way, to sum up, any given text and convert it into an interesting picture. It helps grab the attention of readers with colorful and interactive images. Apart from looking great, reading a data driven infographic takes less time. It sums up all of the important information from a lengthy article into short, eye-catching

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5 Things that Motivate Us to Travel PSD Template [Infographic Template]

When you have an idea which you want to share with a group of people, there is no better way than doing it with the help of an infographic. Infographics are a graphical representation of ideas and information and have the ability to draw and hold the reader’s attention till the end. This is because, infographics use images, charts, clipart

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Current Smoking Stats PSD Template [Infographic Template]

X% of women and X% of men are regular smokers. Men are more inclined towards smoking than women. More than X% of the total deaths that occur in the US are due to Tobacco usage in various forms like smoking and chewing. Another smoking stats graph is shown which shown that more and more deaths occur each year due to

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Stop, Chop, and Roll | A Sushi Gifographic

Sushi has become so popular nowadays that it is available almost anywhere you go. From restaurants, bars, and even convenience stores, there's no escaping the sushi craze. But what is it about sushi that has made it a global food phenomenon? Originating from Japan as a street food, sushi culture has evolved as it spread worldwide. Sushi was first sold

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7 most popular coffees around the world PSD Template [Infographic Template]

There are popular various coffees around the world. The names of the most popular ones around the world are Espresso, Cappuccino, Americasso, Cafe Latte, Cafe an Lait, Cafe Mocha and Caramel Mochaccino. The coffee psd template contains percentages of the most popular types coffee along with their names that can be edited as per the changing trends. The infographic template

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How to Perform CPR-Crucial Steps you Should Know [Gifographic]

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a technique for saving lives during an emergency. It is useful in situations like a heart attack or near drowned. It is basically used when a person’s heartbeat stops. It is good to know how to perform CPR as you may not know when one would get into a situation like this. This knowledge could

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Peace of Mind PSD Template [Infographic Template]

Peace of mind is important for keeping sanity for a human being. The template tells the various elements of Peace Mind. This also very well depicts that all the elements are interconnected with one another and that are equally essential for peace of mind. The various elements that are needed for a total peace of mind are meditation, communication, activity,

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