A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing [Infographic Template]

//A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing [Infographic Template]

A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing [Infographic Template]

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If you need to explain the basics of marketing to a layman, you can use this infographic. It is a beginner’s guide to marketing. Everyone connected with economic transactions of a business must have a basic understanding of marketing. It is a very neatly designed graphic and can be downloaded and used in different ways to the content to add value.

This free PSD template can be downloaded edited and used to add more impact to your post. Your readers will love it. This infographic here talks about a guide to marketing that businesses can use.

1. How marketing is defined

Marketing Guru Philip Kotler defines marketing as a social process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others.

2. How to identify marketing

Identifying marketing is simple. In marketing there is exchange. That exchange could be of products or value with others. This transaction is the essence of marketing. It is to satisfy human needs and wants. In a marketing process, there are marketers, a product or service which is being marketed and the target group. All efforts are directed towards the target market.

3. The Purpose of marketing

The basic purpose of marketing is to satisfy human needs and wants and thereby generating value. Marketing aims at understanding the buyers and customers. Once you know what your customer wants you can create and deliver products and services to satisfy him. Marketing also provides information about the products and services that are to be sold.

4. The Different Types of Marketing

Depending on your goals, you can adopt your marketing strategy or strategies. All marketing efforts aim at conversions. There is traditional marketing, digital marketing, Advertising, Branding, PR, and several others. There are inbound and outbound marketing strategies, email marketing, influencer marketing, and more. There are business specific and platform specific marketing strategies. You can leverage Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing etc. too for conversions.

You can download, edit and use this infographic to enhance the value of your content.A Beginner's Guide to Marketing
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